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NCsoft Should Use Twitter To Communicate

So I’ve decided to join the Aion Online Betaboards to see what’s going on with the connection problems as of late. Usually I’m browsing through the AionSource forums to see what’s going on, but this was a problem which needed information from the source. So the Aion Online Betaboards it was.First thing I noticed when “trying” to access the forums? Super slow loading times caused by about 10.000 to 15.000 people browsing the forums (which is a very impressive number by the way). After the initial loading I was slowly gaining access to the forums. I made my way to the general discussions and what did I spy with my little eye? This little thread and how appropriate that it’s started by a user named “Bundywow”. If you don’t have access to the betaboards, this is what he said:

Ok I understand marketing the game on twitter but tech support on twitter is stupid there’s is like 4 different locations where people need to check to get info on tech support where as you should just have 1 central hub.
I don’t know if you get kick backs or a cross promotion type deal for generating hits on twitter but its stupid..
When people are paying for a service you shouldn’t need to track it on a 3rd party service to get support and updated information.

First of all, this guy doesn’t know the difference between Tech Support and keeping a community informed and updated. The NCsoft employees who use Twitter, have been using it for a while now and I’ve been following them for a while and the information they give you on Twitter is just amazing. Yes you need a Twitter account, yes you need to see what’s going on on Twitter, but the information you get makes up for all of that.

Twitter being the water cooler, being updated about aion_liv having a coffee accident or aion_ayase going out to get some coffee is something that you can expect. But don’t be fooled by these tweets because there are tweets being send which contain valuable information. This tweet for example, which tells you that the maintenance is over and you can log back in again. Don’t you think it’s worth knowing this information? And unlike the slow loading forums where you can wait for minutes before you even find the announcement, the tweet is send to you directly if you’re using a Twitter desktop client such as Seesmic (which I use) or Tweetdeck.Back to the betaboards thread. The “Bundywow” user keeps ranting about how NCsoft should use a proper forum and what not and he’s being backed up by quite some people who don’t realize the power of Twitter. But there are people that do understand the power of Twitter and why NCsoft employees use it. Just take a look at this reply from a user named “Kardinal”.

Even if they could have accessed the forums and posted relevant info here, it wouldn’t have gotten out to anyone yesterday because the forums were really inaccessible. So yes, they could have revealed better that alot of relevant emergency info is being posted through twitter but that constant stream of info is lightyears better than maybe getting a situation update every few hours through “official” channels.

Or this reply from a user named “Fyssas”

Oh shut up!They use twitter because its easier, and a lot of people have it. If anything gamebreaking happens they will most likely tell us on the server.

Oh and if you have game problems just email support <.<

The power of Twitter is its simplicity. You send your 140 character (or less) message and instantly all your followers are updated. If 1 person in a guild reads this tweet, he can tell his guild members or other friends. Imagine how fast this short innocent tweet can easily update hundreds of not thousands of people within a few seconds. How much easier is it to keep track of someone’s tweets than it is to keep an eye out for a possible announcement on a forum? I’ll tell you, it’s A LOT easier. Even when you’re in game, you’ll be updated with information about servers going down in x minutes.

I think I made my view about NCsoft employees using Twitter clear. I’d say keep on going like you’ve been in the past. I love being updated on the fly without sifting through forums. When it comes to Twitter, don’t mind these people. You can’t keep everyone happy especially people with attitudes coming over from World of Warcraft. I love the fast communication between NCsoft employees and their followers/customers thanks you Twitter, so keep it going!

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