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Champions Online vs. Aion: Battle of the Year | Ten Ton Hammer

Which game will strike your fancy?

It is the battle of the year! Not unlike the brutal November when EverQuest II and World of Warcraft duked it out all those years ago (hmm..wonder who won that one?), now Champions Online and Aion go toe to toe to win players and conquer the MMOG industry!

Who will win your vote, devotion, and more importantly, your money? It’s a hard decision to make so we pick apart these two major titles to highlight the basics that will attempt to woo you.

Champions Online stays true to the comic book style of graphics, giving Champions a unique feel. The comic book cell-shading and bright coloring offers the player a vibrant, straight-from-the-comic-pages world to play in that draws comic fans into places they could previously only imagine within their own minds. If you aren’t into the comic book art style though, you can actually turn some of those features off. In fact, the graphic options in CO allow for quite a bit of tailoring, so if you don’t like the graphics right out of the box, you can play with them a bit to find what suits your tastes.

Are you a heroic spandex wearing do-gooder? Or are you a bitter Daeva looking to right the unspeakable pains of your broken world? Find out in the battle of the year!

For me this would be an easy question and answer. Aion all the way!

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