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WoW’s Pirate Day, Aion provides a server listing, EVE is everywhere

NCsoft has decided to launch Aion with an Oceanic server set to GMT+10. Seems that the Oceanic communities executed unofficial polls indicating their server desires, and to honor these community efforts, the North American server Nezekan will be adjusted to an Oceanic time zone and event schedule. The server will not be labeled as an Oceanic right away, but will be changed to that in a patch within the first two weeks after launch. Neato. The full list of servers can be found here.

Also on the Aion front, NCsoft decided to drop nProtect’s GameGuard anti-cheating software for a smoother launch. Apparently the system caused crashes, acted as a rootkit, and hates Windows 7 (lolz). Still, the devs are working on a way to use the software in the future, but are resolved to make sure it causes no problems once it’s implemented once again.

Just a bit of information about Aion in I’m just too happy NCsoft dropped GameGaurd for launch. This will help NCsoft out dramatically. Only a few hours left before headstart!!

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Oceanic servers for Aion

Flying around in a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game is hard enough at the best of times.  But the experience becomes excruciating when lag interferes with your playing experience.  The extremely-popular-in-Asia MMO Aion is about to be launched in the west, and for Australian and New Zealand players there is good news.

Aion, the new (in the west at least) MMO from NCsoft (makers of the Lineage series) is about to go online.

For those who have been following the development and beta testing this is an exciting time.  But it is usually excitement tempered by that nagging feeling of doubt at the back of an excited brain.  Will the online experience be dulled by poor server response times?

Not usually an issue for our friends in places such as North America or Europe, but definitely a consideration for those living in more antipodeans locales.

News today that NCsoft has had some consideration for those stuck far from the server super highway.

Good news for the Oceanic players!

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Reduce Your Ping By A LOT

I’ve just made the small changes necessary to reduce my ping, and it went from 300-350 to about 100-150. So this really works, and the change is even more noticeable if your normal ping is above 300.

To start this process, you have to open your “Register-editor” in Windows. You can do this by pressing “Start” and pick the “Run” option. In here you type “regedit”

This will open up the “Registry-editor”. You will have to find your way to this key:


Then there will be some large hex keys for your actual network adapters. You will need to click on the one that matches your internet adapter [it will show a ton of information containing all your network details, such as your assign DHCP Address and server info].

Once you have identified the correct adapter, you add a new DWORD 32bit named “TcpAckFrequency”, and then update its value to 1 by right clicking it.

After this, reboot your PC and log on Aion to find out your new and reduced ping! Share your experience with the rest of us if you’ve done this neat little trick.

Just a thread from my Aion Forum which shows how to reduce your ping if you’re playing Aion [Or any other mmo for that matter]

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North American & European Server List

North American Server List

[West] Siel GMT-8 / PST
[West] Israphel GMT-8 / PST
[West] Nezekan GMT-8 / PST
[West] Zikel GMT-8 / PST
[West] Vaizel GMT-8 / PST
[West] Triniel GMT-8 / PST

[East] Kaisinel GMT-5 / EST
[East] Lumiel GMT-5 / EST
[East] Yustiel GMT-5 / EST
[East] Marchutan GMT-5 / EST
[East] Ariel GMT-5 / EST
[East] Azphel GMT-5 / EST

European Server List

[ENG] Spatalos
[ENG] Telemachus
[ENG] Castor
[ENG] Perento
[ENG] Gorgos

[GER] Kromede
[GER] Thor
[GER] Votan
[GER] Balder

[FRA] Urtem
[FRA] Vidar
[FRA] Suthran

Just thougth I share it

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Possible lag fix due to routing – Aion Beta Forums

Open command prompt and run a “Tracert” to the below IP’s, If any of them connect to without timing out, thats the address you need to use.

Quote: (Seems to be most reliable, very low ping for east coast) (Never mind the Europe part but its routing through ppcwbtn which has known latency problems.)

Changing your Aion “Connect to server”

1) Go to your Aion install Directory:
2) Open addcache (XML file) in notepad, it will look like this:

3) Replace the highlighted IP address with the IP address you connected with previously.
4) Save the file
5) Mark the file as read only
6) Run Aion

(Now lets see how long it is before people crash the one server that seems to be working)

I thought I share this with anyone who’s interested in it. If you’re still having lag issues with the Aion open beta, you might want to give this a try.

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