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Oceanic servers for Aion

Flying around in a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game is hard enough at the best of times.  But the experience becomes excruciating when lag interferes with your playing experience.  The extremely-popular-in-Asia MMO Aion is about to be launched in the west, and for Australian and New Zealand players there is good news.

Aion, the new (in the west at least) MMO from NCsoft (makers of the Lineage series) is about to go online.

For those who have been following the development and beta testing this is an exciting time.  But it is usually excitement tempered by that nagging feeling of doubt at the back of an excited brain.  Will the online experience be dulled by poor server response times?

Not usually an issue for our friends in places such as North America or Europe, but definitely a consideration for those living in more antipodeans locales.

News today that NCsoft has had some consideration for those stuck far from the server super highway.

Good news for the Oceanic players!

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