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No Freaking GameGuard At Aion Launch!

Over the few past days we’ve gotten an tremendous amount of information from the Aion representatives on Twitter A lot has happened over the past few days and a lot will happen in the upcoming few days.

People have been bombarded with information and I don’t think they’re waiting for more information, but you will want to read this. Are you ready for it?

Aion wll not feature GameGaurd at launch! Yes you read it correct, no freaking GameGuard that will bother anyone [at least not at the launch] Here are some other changes we can expect with the Aion launch

Most people will be happy when they read this news. No GameGaurd! [At least not at the launch of Aion]

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GameGuard Shuts Down Disabled Gamers

The nProtect GameGuard software is an anti-cheat program designed to stop botters and hackers from using illegal third-party programs, but the disabled community gets snagged in this poorly executed “take no prisoners” anti-cheating approach.

Botters and other nefarious individuals use these programs to automate tasks such as repeatable quests or killing mobs for money while away from their computer.  Hackers use these programs to ruin the gameplay of others or boost themselves.  Disabled gamers use legal third-party programs, such as on-screen keyboards, to assist in playing games that would be impossible to play otherwise.

Unfortunately, GameGuard does not care about the difference between illegal third-party programs designed to hurt a game and legal third-party programs designed to help gamers.  Couple of things

I never liked GameGuard…

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“Game is not available in your country” GameGuard error explanation

There are many of you around that get this error: Game is not available in your country. And there is a perfectly clear explanation for that. As you can see here, aion_liv from NCsoft explains what’s going on. And what she says is the following:

GameGuard servers are being updated. U may see diff GG errors or “Game is not available in your country” while the servers are down. Once the update to the GameGuard server is complete the error should go away if you have the full Open Beta update installed.

If you are getting this error. Don’t panic. As soon as GameGuard’s update is complete, that error should disappear.

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