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GamerZines Features #Aion

GamerZines has a proud history of putting together content-packed and interesting Aion-articles. Gamerzines has taken this a step further by dedicating one of its magazines to exploring Aion. This downloadable PCGZine issue includes hands-on insights and insider tips from one of our own: Associate Producer Lani “Liv” Blazier.

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Western Release Of Aion Gets New Features

The game has been out in the home of the MMO, Korea, for nearly a year now and will be appearing in the west later this month. In a video podcast posted earlier today, the games developers said that new features will be added to the full game for the western release and that these features have yet to be rolled out to Korea.

This means that the US and Europe will be getting the exact same version as Korea, and that they will not miss out on anything as the new features have only been seen on Korean test servers and have yet to go live. The features were never actually detailed, but needless to say it will improve the game like all updates to MMO’s should.

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