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Paltalk Sues Multiplayer Game Publishers Over Chat Technology

Paltalk, a provider of online chat and instant messaging technology, has filed patent infringement claims against a number of massively multiplayer online game publishers, alleging they are using its real-time messaging technology without licenses, Mass High Tech reported.

Among the defendants named were “World of Warcraft” publisher Activision Blizzard, “Lord of the Rings Online” publisher Turbine; “Aion” publisher NCsoft; and Jagex, the makers of “RuneScape.”

New York-based Paltalk previously sued Microsoft for violating its patent in the Xbox game “Halo”; Microsoft eventually settled and agreed to license Paltalk’s technology.

Paltalk acquired the patents in question from now-defunct VoIP software firm HearMe in 2002.

I wonder how far Peptalk will come with this lawsuit.

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Aion Mounts a Challenge to World of Warcraft

For online gamers, the place to be this weekend is the free open beta test for Aion the latest game over the last five years to try to knock World of Warcraft off its multi-billion dollar throne where it reigns as the king of subscription-based Internet games.

World of Warcraft is almost five years old now and where contenders like Vanguard, EverQuest 2, Age of Conan, Dungeons & Dragons Online, Warhammer Online and Lord of the Rings Online have failed to make a major dent in what is now WOW’s more than 11 million player user base, Aion has by far the best chance yet.

Perhaps most important, Aion, developed by NCsoft of South Korea, has already been available in that country, by far the world’s most intense online gaming market, since last November. The game has also been available in China since April. Aion has garnered several million players in Asia, giving NCsoft the ability to polish and tweak the game for some of the world’s most demanding players in advance of its scheduled retail release in North America on Sept. 22.

This is just a chuck from an article in The New York Times. This just shows what kind of an impact Aion has already made and will be making with the upcoming launch in Europe and North America. Please do read this article.

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The Warhammer Mistake – The Same Problem Aion Encountered

What they are doing is providing niche gaming. It’s niche gaming that console games have been offering us all along: you wouldn’t expect Final Fantasy to have online PvP tournaments, or NBA 2K10 to offer a deep storyline with multiple plot twists and an open world map. These games have a design plan catered to specific styles of game play. Why should MMOs be any different?

A very interesting article to read. Especially the part you see quoted here is something I found to be true. Now we’ll have to wait and see how things are going to turn out for Aion in NA and Europe.

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