No Freaking GameGuard At Aion Launch!

Over the few past days we’ve gotten an tremendous amount of information from the Aion representatives on Twitter A lot has happened over the past few days and a lot will happen in the upcoming few days.

People have been bombarded with information and I don’t think they’re waiting for more information, but you will want to read this. Are you ready for it?

Aion wll not feature GameGaurd at launch! Yes you read it correct, no freaking GameGuard that will bother anyone [at least not at the launch] Here are some other changes we can expect with the Aion launch

Most people will be happy when they read this news. No GameGaurd! [At least not at the launch of Aion]

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NCsoft is very pleased, Aion preorders nearing 400K

NCsoft has announced that Aion preorders are nearing the 400,000 mark, making it the “biggest MMO launch of the year”.

As a bonus to those who preordered their copy, NCsoft is allowing buyers to pre-select their servers starting September 18 and participate in the five-day headstart period, beginning September 20.

The game goes live for the rest of the world on September 25.

Full press release through the break.

It’s official – Aion is the and is one of the must-have games this holiday season. NCsoft today revealed the latest preorder figures for its newest massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, Aion, which is nearing 400,000 preorders and outpacing other major MMO launches this year.

Already topping preorder sales charts, securing accolades from major media outlets, garnering event awards, including gamescom 2009’s “Best Online Game” and PAX’s “Best MMO” by Inside Gaming, and receiving rave reviews from players in the game’s beta testing, Aion has steadily built its reputation as the biggest MMO release in recent years.

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Oceanic servers for Aion

Flying around in a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game is hard enough at the best of times.  But the experience becomes excruciating when lag interferes with your playing experience.  The extremely-popular-in-Asia MMO Aion is about to be launched in the west, and for Australian and New Zealand players there is good news.

Aion, the new (in the west at least) MMO from NCsoft (makers of the Lineage series) is about to go online.

For those who have been following the development and beta testing this is an exciting time.  But it is usually excitement tempered by that nagging feeling of doubt at the back of an excited brain.  Will the online experience be dulled by poor server response times?

Not usually an issue for our friends in places such as North America or Europe, but definitely a consideration for those living in more antipodeans locales.

News today that NCsoft has had some consideration for those stuck far from the server super highway.

Good news for the Oceanic players!

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Details On Preselection

Aion’s release is right around the corner, and our anticipation is running high! The beards and hairstyles of the character creator are groomed and lined up, jostling against each other in eagerness to be picked for your characters in this coming weekend’s Preselection and Head Start Programs.

Preselection is a benefit available to anyone who preordered Aion. If you are not sure whether or not you are eligible, simply log in to your NCsoft Master Account to verify that your game account is listed and your account type is not designated as “Beta”.

Starting 20:00 p.m. BST (more) on September 18, 2009, eligible players will be able to start their game clients and log in to create a total of two characters ahead of everyone else. You can name and create these two characters through the standard character creator and be ready to play with these characters right when the game Head Start Program begins (but not beforehand). Preselection will end 17:00 p.m. BST on September 20, 2009 (more).

Don’t miss this great opportunity to claim your character’s name before anyone else does. It isn’t too late to preorder, even if you have been holding out.

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GamerZines Features #Aion

GamerZines has a proud history of putting together content-packed and interesting Aion-articles. Gamerzines has taken this a step further by dedicating one of its magazines to exploring Aion. This downloadable PCGZine issue includes hands-on insights and insider tips from one of our own: Associate Producer Lani “Liv” Blazier.

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GameGuard Shuts Down Disabled Gamers

The nProtect GameGuard software is an anti-cheat program designed to stop botters and hackers from using illegal third-party programs, but the disabled community gets snagged in this poorly executed “take no prisoners” anti-cheating approach.

Botters and other nefarious individuals use these programs to automate tasks such as repeatable quests or killing mobs for money while away from their computer.  Hackers use these programs to ruin the gameplay of others or boost themselves.  Disabled gamers use legal third-party programs, such as on-screen keyboards, to assist in playing games that would be impossible to play otherwise.

Unfortunately, GameGuard does not care about the difference between illegal third-party programs designed to hurt a game and legal third-party programs designed to help gamers.  Couple of things

I never liked GameGuard…

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Aion pre-sell tops latest Steam chart

Massive unshock from this week’s Steam chart, with the Aion Collector’s pre-sell in at the top, Champions Online in second place and KOTOR in third.

Data for the week ending September 13. Last week’s chart here.

  1. Aion Collector’s pre-sell
  2. Champions Online
  3. KOTOR
  4. Left 4 Dead
  5. Street Fighter IV
  6. Braid
  7. Counter-Strike: Source
  8. Darkest of Days
  9. Section 8
  10. Aion Standard pre-sell

Nice to see Aion being #1 on Steam

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