Reduce Your Ping By A LOT

September 13, 2009 at 22:30 Leave a comment

I’ve just made the small changes necessary to reduce my ping, and it went from 300-350 to about 100-150. So this really works, and the change is even more noticeable if your normal ping is above 300.

To start this process, you have to open your “Register-editor” in Windows. You can do this by pressing “Start” and pick the “Run” option. In here you type “regedit”

This will open up the “Registry-editor”. You will have to find your way to this key:


Then there will be some large hex keys for your actual network adapters. You will need to click on the one that matches your internet adapter [it will show a ton of information containing all your network details, such as your assign DHCP Address and server info].

Once you have identified the correct adapter, you add a new DWORD 32bit named “TcpAckFrequency”, and then update its value to 1 by right clicking it.

After this, reboot your PC and log on Aion to find out your new and reduced ping! Share your experience with the rest of us if you’ve done this neat little trick.

Just a thread from my Aion Forum which shows how to reduce your ping if you’re playing Aion [Or any other mmo for that matter]

TheAionGuy shared this via web from TheAionGuy’s Bits & Bobs


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