North American & European Server List

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North American Server List

[West] Siel GMT-8 / PST
[West] Israphel GMT-8 / PST
[West] Nezekan GMT-8 / PST
[West] Zikel GMT-8 / PST
[West] Vaizel GMT-8 / PST
[West] Triniel GMT-8 / PST

[East] Kaisinel GMT-5 / EST
[East] Lumiel GMT-5 / EST
[East] Yustiel GMT-5 / EST
[East] Marchutan GMT-5 / EST
[East] Ariel GMT-5 / EST
[East] Azphel GMT-5 / EST

European Server List

[ENG] Spatalos
[ENG] Telemachus
[ENG] Castor
[ENG] Perento
[ENG] Gorgos

[GER] Kromede
[GER] Thor
[GER] Votan
[GER] Balder

[FRA] Urtem
[FRA] Vidar
[FRA] Suthran

Just thougth I share it

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