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My first 10 levels in Aion

Aion has been the topic of hate and love, everybody is rushing to reach the highest level and that is exactly why I am witting this post.  As much as I would like to be “hardcore” again and join in the competition, there is no way a “casual” like me can do that; instead I will point out what I have seen in the first 10 levels of Aion.

The first time Aion was installed in my computer, my enjoyment was reduced to pure anger and frustration thanks to GameGuard.  What exactly is Gameguard?

Nice little read about Aion

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Fire Temple Entrance [Screenshot]

I’ve been asked this question quite often and people looking for the fire temple entrance often land on this forum, so I thought I add a screenshot of what the fire temple entrance looks like.

The fire temple entrance is the door you see in the screenshot.

Check this out if you’re looking for the fire temple entrance [Asmodians only]

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WoW’s Pirate Day, Aion provides a server listing, EVE is everywhere

NCsoft has decided to launch Aion with an Oceanic server set to GMT+10. Seems that the Oceanic communities executed unofficial polls indicating their server desires, and to honor these community efforts, the North American server Nezekan will be adjusted to an Oceanic time zone and event schedule. The server will not be labeled as an Oceanic right away, but will be changed to that in a patch within the first two weeks after launch. Neato. The full list of servers can be found here.

Also on the Aion front, NCsoft decided to drop nProtect’s GameGuard anti-cheating software for a smoother launch. Apparently the system caused crashes, acted as a rootkit, and hates Windows 7 (lolz). Still, the devs are working on a way to use the software in the future, but are resolved to make sure it causes no problems once it’s implemented once again.

Just a bit of information about Aion in I’m just too happy NCsoft dropped GameGaurd for launch. This will help NCsoft out dramatically. Only a few hours left before headstart!!

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Aion The Most Pre-ordered MMO In 2009

In a piece of news that we’re betting surprises precisely nobody at all, Aion has just broken the 400,000 pre-order mark. What’s notable about this number is that it’s enough to make Aion the largest number of pre-orders on an MMO for 2009. As Aion is also holding strong in the Steam and Direct2Drive sales charts, we wonder how many more we’ll see added to that number before the official launch next Tuesday.

With highly polished graphics, over two million words of quest text, and a series of tweaks to make Aion more Western-friendly, NCsoft seems to have finally hit the right stride with Western MMO gamers. That said, as we’ve learned from all the other games that have come before it, the real numbers that count are the retention numbers after the initial launch. Whether or not Aion is the goose that lays the golden egg – at least in terms of the Western markets – we’ll have to wait and see.

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Paltalk Sues Multiplayer Game Publishers Over Chat Technology

Paltalk, a provider of online chat and instant messaging technology, has filed patent infringement claims against a number of massively multiplayer online game publishers, alleging they are using its real-time messaging technology without licenses, Mass High Tech reported.

Among the defendants named were “World of Warcraft” publisher Activision Blizzard, “Lord of the Rings Online” publisher Turbine; “Aion” publisher NCsoft; and Jagex, the makers of “RuneScape.”

New York-based Paltalk previously sued Microsoft for violating its patent in the Xbox game “Halo”; Microsoft eventually settled and agreed to license Paltalk’s technology.

Paltalk acquired the patents in question from now-defunct VoIP software firm HearMe in 2002.

I wonder how far Peptalk will come with this lawsuit.

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NCsoft’s Aion Could be the Biggest MMO Release of the Year

In what is being touted as the “biggest MMO launch of the year” by publisher NCsoft, the new PC title Aion has reached nearly 400,000 units pre-ordered. Aion has apparently been uniquely designed to appeal to western gamers, and you can read Gerald’s recent preview right here.

Already topping preorder sales charts, securing accolades from major media outlets, garnering event awards, including gamescom 2009’s “Best Online Game” and PAX’s “Best MMO” by Inside Gaming, and receiving rave reviews from players in the game’s beta testing, Aion has steadily built its reputation as the biggest MMO release in recent years.

Folks that have already parted with cash for their pre-order will be able to get first dibs on a server via the server pre-selection which has kicked off today. Additionally, a two-day headstart program will begin on Sunday (September 20th) ahead of the game’s regular retail release.

Personally I don’t think it “could be” I think it will be. With over 400.000 per-orders alone, Aion will most probably the biggest MMO release of the year.

What does anyone else think of this matter?

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No Freaking GameGuard At Aion Launch!

Over the few past days we’ve gotten an tremendous amount of information from the Aion representatives on Twitter A lot has happened over the past few days and a lot will happen in the upcoming few days.

People have been bombarded with information and I don’t think they’re waiting for more information, but you will want to read this. Are you ready for it?

Aion wll not feature GameGaurd at launch! Yes you read it correct, no freaking GameGuard that will bother anyone [at least not at the launch] Here are some other changes we can expect with the Aion launch

Most people will be happy when they read this news. No GameGaurd! [At least not at the launch of Aion]

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